Yahoo Password Recovery

Lost your password? Don’t remember your Yahoo ID password? Well, this is right page for you that will help you on Yahoo password recovery. There are different ways you can do Yahoo Password Recovery. One of that is Yahoo Sign-In ID via SMS code. Yahoo will send you a code, which you can enter and will take you to your mailbox, after that you can change your yahoo password. But for now here’s how you can do yahoo password recovery with Yahoo Sign-in ID via SMS.

Yahoo Password Recovery process step-by-step with Yahoo Sign-in ID via SMS.

  1. Open a new-window on the same web-browser that you are using or can also try the step-by-step process in any other web-browser you have installed in your device / computer. Don’t forget to keep both the browser side-by-side so that you can see the process at the same time as you do your Yahoo password recovery.
  2. On the address bar of your web-browser type-in
    Yahoo Password Recovery
  3. When you get the page – enter your username where it’s written ‘Enter your email’. Take of the correction mark from correction box of ‘Stay signed in’, which is under the ‘Next’. After doing so, click on ‘Next’ to proceed to next step.
    Yahoo Password Recovery
  4. On this page click on ‘Forget password?’ link which is under the ‘Sign-in” link.
    Yahoo Password Recovery
  5. Here you will be asked to choose one of the ways you can recover your yahoo password recovery. Also, shows you your Yahoo Sign-In username as well that means this process is with Yahoo Sign-In ID. Just click on ‘Continue’ to process to next step of yahoo password recovery.
    Yahoo Password Recovery
  6. Now, yahoo will ask you if you have access to this phone? The mobile number is the same number you have entered during your Yahoo Sign-Up process. If this is your mobile number click on ‘Yes, text me a code’.
    Yahoo Password Recovery
  7. Check your mobile phone for the code, which Yahoo send you and enter the code inside the box as shown in the image below and click on ‘Verify’.
    Yahoo Password RecoveryScreen Shot 2016-06-08 at 10.45.53 AM
  8. Next step where Yahoo shows you correction mark with ‘Success’. In this step you’ll have click on ‘Continue’ to enter your mailbox. You have successfully managed to enter your mailbox. Now, don’t forget to change your password.
    Yahoo Password Recovery
    How to change Yahoo password?

Yahoo password recovery via ‘Recovery phone number’

  1. Open a new-window on a web-browser and copy & paste this link:–&c=eyJ2IjoyLCJjIjp0cnVlfQ–~fB_d5uC2LgUvWkDbvkfNYqHGo77ytHAbje_8YmdYAcUGuuNaHcpeZHATOFyccn5CTXC49ymQWt78WTCJL3Ck9bMO0zFNE1VGPjRBJazB1BEUvdiEfz45dx2nZ1CYFThCCm84KKpAG7wtVdVLL_NKavnPOJCW.r21Ly0dlY5Zl1_6U_y9nQErxQ7NzMLmupWT.OAAhXyDUg90LWqBYwRCTEdMjmMHl1.kge1g7i4lejMX_37thRrBkA–&crumb=iNp%2FcvyYwOo

  2. Now, enter your mobile number, when you do so it automatically shows you the country code with + sign. For reference check the image below and click on ‘Continue’
    Lost your password? Don’t remember your Yahoo ID password? Well, this is right page for you that will help you on Yahoo password recovery.
  3. Check your mobile number that is shown on the top of the page. If its not correct you can click on ‘Edit’ that is beside the number shown to you. If you have access to the number you have enter click and confirm on ‘Yes, text me a code’.
    Yahoo password recovery
  4. You will receive a SMS with alphabetical code. Enter the code and click on ‘Verify’
    Yahoo password recovery Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.48.19 AM
  5. If you have more than one Yahoo ID under that the same mobile number will show you. So you can choose for which Yahoo ID you want to do your yahoo password recovery.
    Yahoo password recovery
  6. Click on the account you want to login, doing so will lead you to the mailbox of the account. Now, make sure you change your password of the account you have chosen.How to change yahoo password?

Check video on Yahoo Password Recovery

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