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  1. sandy turner

    Why can’t I GET INTO my ymail account? It asks for a key and I never had a key, when I try to enter send to ymail account to retrieve it asks for a available account, obviously I can’t get to my ymail. I desperately need to get back into my account. Please advise. Can be reached @ 757-965-6948.

  2. richard adams

    I was in the email account a few days ago deleting unwanted mails when I was cut out. now I cannot get back into the account. whats up. why are you making this a problem.

  3. Patricia Gail Chandler

    why can’t I get my yahoo mail? Same account I have had for many years. I Don’t use a smartphone or apps, just plain ol Old Lady style. Is this a real page or are you hackers? You sure are getting some shitty feedback I see from reading others having the same problem. You folks act like its security, you just want more personal info, your efforts are making it easier for hackers to get our personal email. Don’t use smart phones for this reason or apps, they are a hackers paradise, Looks like thats what you folks want.


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